Covid 19 protocols

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, we want to offer you the best conditions of hygiene and health, preventing any contagious conditions in this place. Even though we are in a very wide area, with very low population density and very few people in the surroundings, we have taken the precautions required by the health authority so that our staff and suppliers work properly protected and we can serve our passengers in the best possible way, during your stay in Mallin Colorado. We give you here a summary of our Mallin Colorado Ecolodge Covid 19 Hygiene and Health Protocol, which describes the basic measures we are implementing for a better care and attention.

Good practices

We are in an extreme and remote area, with little probability of contagion, however, we request that the passenger read the hygiene and health instructions for their stay in Mallin Colorado and fully comply with them. We are implementing all measures possible to preserve the Lodge in optimal hygiene conditions for you to enjoy your stay. All staff working at Mallin Colorado is following this protocol. We have also implemented the greatest flexibility possible for changes and cancellations of your reservation.

A mask is a must

All persons who enter, work and spend the night in Mallin Colorado must wear a mask at all times, except inside their room or cabin.

Temperature taking

The designated personnel will take the temperature to every person that enters the Lodge, be it passenger, workers and suppliers, in addition to other people that arrive at the Lodge.

Check in online

When confirming the reservation, the passenger will be asked for all their information to avoid a long check-in upon arrival at the lodge. This protocol will also be mailed to you in advance so that you are aware of what is expected of them during your stay in Mallin Colorado. Through an acrylic screen, reception will take a photograph of the passenger's passport and provide them with the health and hygiene policies for their stay in Mallin Colorado. The keys will be delivered to the passenger sanitized and in a closed package.

Check out online

Upon leaving the lodge, Reception will deliver the outstanding account to be paid by mail or by phone. This may be paid by credit card through our payment page, or when you are in a place with better connection. You will have 48 hours after checking out to make the payment online.

Alcohol gel dispensers

Alcoholgel dispensers have been arranged in the common areas of the entire Lodge for free use by passengers and staff during their stay in Mallin Colorado. Likewise, in personnel transfer vehicles and staff rest areas.


We have intensified the cleaning of the rooms, increasing the ventilation period and using powerful disinfecting solutions. The passenger will find the room with a sanitized notice at the entrance, which has been left by the maid once the complete cleaning of the room is finished, with special emphasis on points of frequent use.

Service to the cabins

Family cabins will receive breakfast and dinner in a previously sanitized basket, closed in the cabin. We take all precautions for the transfer of hot food to the cabin. The heron must not enter the cabin, so we ask a member of the family to come and receive the basket at the door.

Social distancing

We ask all passengers to maintain a distance of at least one meter between one person and another, especially in the club house at breakfast and check out. We have put distance indicators on the ground in that sector. There will be six people seated at the large tables, and enough separation between the small tables in the dining rooms to preserve physical distance.

Client with symptoms

The client with symptoms must attend the health center in Puerto Guadal and wait for diagnosis. Meanwhile, the client must quarantine (before the test result) wherever they choose, either in town or in Mallin Colorado. We have also prepared a protocol in case of isolated quarantine in our lodge.

Hygiene and health vehicle kit

For vehicle transfers we have hygiene and health kits in each of the vehicles that includes alcohol gel, wet towels with disinfectant, new masks, unused gloves, rubbish bag.