More than only accommodation

The essence of privacy is to be in a place where you can access an impressive view, wide and bright, but no one can see you. For now, in that place there should also be a warm and beautiful environment, where you can rest, read, hike, talk.

Club house

Our main house

The club house is the main house of Mallín Colorado, has a simple space, but very well conditioned around a large stone fireplace. Surrounded by small windows, through which you can see the park of raulíes and the calypso General Carrera lake among its thin trunks. Two large and elegant tables of fine wood and several small tables are the perfect place for Mallín Colorado guests to enjoy gourmet food prepared in the kitchen.


Our Patagonian lamb barbecue

Some nights instead of dinner, it will be a Patagonia lamb barbecue in the typical "quincho" offered. This is our local typical place where a "gaucho" prepares the fire, the lamb and the atmosphere to have a local event for all guests for dinner. Accompanied by salads and nice desserts, Mallin Colorado shows some of the local ways of preparing lamb and celebrate life. It is an exceptional opportunity to get together with other guests around the fire. 

Park and trails

Our native forest hiking trails

Mallin Colorado is a 450 hectares field, located between General Carrera Lake and Bertrand Lake. Its facilities face Lake Carrera in the middle of a park cared for by native trees, but the backyard is confirmed by a tall, forested mountain with extraordinary views of the Cordón Contreras and Lake Bertrand, offering splendid hiking and horseback riding trails for those who reach this place.